Here's what our customers have to say about us!

St. George Tunex, Customer for Life. This is the best service I have ever seen in a repair shop in my life. The manager is the nicest & seems to know what he was doing with any question I had. I have had many shops try to take advantage of me & I never got that at all at this Tunex. I am a very satisfied Tunex customer for the rest of my life now.
— Anonymous

With all the negativity in the world right now, I just wanted to give a positive "Thank You" to the Group at Tunex on Redwood Road in West Valley, Utah. I started having problems with my car overheating. I was 2 hours from home and I was all by myself. My husband suggested taking it to Tunex to have it looked at... I hate doing this stuff on my own! I walked in and Kim asked me what the problem was. I explained it. He made some suggestions. They did the work. I left. My car continued to do the same thing. I called Kim, and he asked me to bring it back. They looked at my car again and did EVERYTHING they could to figure it out. It took them awhile, but they didn't give up and helped me out alot! I just wanted them, and you, to know how pleased I was with all their help. Kim, Kellen, and Taylor were the ones that helped me and I just wanted to give them a shout out and some recognition. If I'm in that area again with a car problem, I will definitely go back there. Thanks again guys. P.S. Kim called me today to make sure I made it home okay! How awesome is that!!! Great crew.
— Wendy H.

Draper Tunex, Beyond the Call of Service - Derek and crew at the Draper location went above and beyond to help me out today, so I wanted to give my complements to them. Great service and help and an awesome experience all around. I'll be recommending this location to my friends.
— Tom S.

Woods Cross Clipper - In this economic time when people only do what they must do, due to finances, customer service is a major plus. I recently had a friend in dire need of a mechanic. I went to her aid and called people to help her get her car repaired. My friend took it to a local mechanic. The first mechanic was too busy to be bothered...Due to the impression of this proprietor, we took her car to Tunex on Hwy 89. Frank Larsen, the owner of Bountiful Tunex, personally took care of my friend's problem by fixing the car in a timely manner and going above and beyond what the other shop was willing to do. The other shop lost our on parts and labor due to attitude. KUDOS to Tunex for having the know how and customer service that keeps people coming back time ater time.
— Edna C.

"Incredible customer service!! We we're on the way to Mesa,Az from San Diego and our power steering went out in Yuma. Four car repair places we found including the dealer were not able to fix it because they were either to busy or were not able to get the part! However, the Chevy dealer suggested we drive to Mesa, Az anyway since we were staying over night. I web searched car repair in Mesa on my Droid and Tunex was the first to come up. I was absolutely amazed that not only did they tell us to bring it in but they would order the part and have it fixed by closing at 6pm. And the manager(Paul) later told us if it wasn't finished by closing they would drop us off at our hotel and pick us up the next day!! Not only was the customer service amazing but the interaction between the mechanics and Paul was unbelievable. They were incredibly nice and polite to each other ..and they were a bunch of men ! In a world where good customer service is the smiley face they stamp on your receipt it sure was surprisingly refreshing to know there are some decent,honest,hardworking people that are not out there to take advantage of a bad situation. I only wish I could find a way to move that whole shop and crew here to San Diego. I am honestly considering driving my car to this shop anytime it needs any type of repair in the future. Thank you guys so much for restoring our faith in people! You guys are the best!."
— Mary E.

"A couple of years ago, I was looking for a good mechanic in my area. The Skyline High shop teacher recommended your Tunex shop. Since then, I've had all of my cars into your shop at one time or another. You've alwasy done a great job fixing them. You are able to diagnose the problem correctly, and repair only what needs to be repaired. You've saved me a lot of money in car repairs, and I want to thank you for your honesty and fairness. I refer your shop to all my friends. I think you guys do a terrific job. Thank you."
— Peggy C.

"At age 74, I've been to a lot of vehicle service centers, and I have never been more satisfied than with the service the last couple of years from Mike and his staff at the Draper Tunex. I refer all my family and friends. Thanks."
— Paul P.

"I have always found the service at Tunex to be thorough and reliable and the employees courteous to talk to."
— Pat D.

"These guys know their stuff and they took care of me like I was their only customer."
— John W.

"I'm not a new customer. I always take my vehicles to Tunex because I trust the mechanics, and I'm always treated fairly."
— David F.

"Staff is very friendly and tries hard to accommodate my schedule
—I'll keep coming back."
— Bryan M.

"Mike and his staff at Draper Tunex treat and service me like a VIP. They especially understand the time restraint I have with my Fed Ex truck. Thanks, Mike and the Tunex staff."
— Chris L.

"Steve was very helpful. My daughter's air conditioning needed to be fixed, and we had taken it to two other places. Tunex fixed it right the first time and made us very happy. "
— Debbie

"Tunex has always treated me with respect and showed me what was wrong with my car. They never acted like I couldn't understand because of being a woman. "
— Marion L.

"Allan was leaving to go home when I pulled up to his Tunex. He came over to see if he could help me with my car's problem. He went back over and opened his doors and pulled my car in. He fixed the problem even though it took an hour out of his personal time. Tunex, you have the best people. "
— Janet H.

"Tunex, your guys at the West Jordan Tunex are the best. They have serviced my cars for years but this time they went overboard. My alternator went out and I was late for a meeting. They took me to the meeting and when the meeting was over my car was in the parking lot ready to go. I will always be a Tunex customer. "
— Beatrice J.

"Tunex diagnosed my Suzuki with a problem that they felt was still under warranty. They could have easily not mentioned it and taken the business for themselves. Thank you so much for your honesty. Indeed, it was under warranty. You saved me, my wife, and my one-year-old son many hundreds of dollars. You lost that job but you gained a lifetime customer. "
— Curt D.

"Thanks so much for working on my suburban. I had no idea that the radio might be the problem. You guys are willing to go the extra mile. "
— Bill B.

"The Layton Utah Tunex is the very best Tunex you have. We were traveling on vacation when our truck broke down. We had to be to our destination by a certain day or our whole vacation would be ruined. Corey understood our problem and because the parts weren't available and the job required several hours, he gave us a vehicle to travel with, filled it with gas, and we were on our way. Our vacation was a blast and our truck was ready as promised. Thanks so much."
— The Brock Family