Green Services

Service for Hybrid, CNG, and Alternative Fuel Vehicles; Recycling of Oil, Batteries, and Coolant

We know it's not easy being green. Maintenance and repair of hybrid, CNG, and alternative fuel vehicles differ from conventional gas- and diesel-powered vehicles and require specialized training. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Tunex Complete Car Care technicians are trained to fully service these vehicles, including providing routine maintenance. For example, you can’t ignore the gasoline engine in a hybrid just because it's not the only power source for the vehicle. At Tunex, we can service both the standard and alternative components of your vehicle to make sure everything works in perfect harmony.

Eco Friendly Car Care

Did you know that Tunex Complete Car Care Centers are heated with waste oil? That’s right! The oil drained from your vehicle is recycled as energy to heat our service centers. We’ll even accept waste oil and antifreeze from a do-it-yourself oil change. In addition to used oil and antifreeze, Tunex also recycles batteries, transmission fluid, scrap metal, brake fluid, filters, washer fluid, and part-cleaning solvents. And we use guaranteed rebuilt parts where possible.

Even our behind-the-scenes internal operations are environmentally conscious, like our paperless information systems. At Tunex, environmental responsibility isn’t something we just talk about; it’s how we do business.

Tunex Complete Car Care promotes environmental awareness by helping consumers understand the environmental impact of these services:

  • Tune-ups
  • Regular Filter Replacement
  • Properly Inflated Tires
  • Correct Disposal of Fluids
  • Oil Changes

At Tunex, we use only the highest quality parts available. That's why we can back all Tunex Complete Car Care service and repairs with our 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty.