Emissions and Safety

Emissions Repairs for Better Mileage and Cleaner Air, Vehicle Emission Checks for Compliance with State Regulations, Safety Inspections

Symptoms: Check-engine light, black exhaust smoke, lower miles per gallon, brake problems, burned out lights and blinkers, or ineffective wiper blades

Cars and light trucks have been the focus of clean air regulation since 1963. Since then, state and federal regulations have shaped vehicle standards for emissions. Tunex believes that reducing air pollution is good for everyone. We also know that problems with your vehicle’s emissions system can cause emissions failures and affect your vehicle’s performance. Let Tunex clear the air with a computerized engine analysis to identify emission control problems. Then we’ll make recommendations for service or repair, and you can breathe easy with Emissions and Safety Inspections and Service from Tunex Complete Car Care.

At Tunex, we use only the highest quality parts available. That's why we can back all Tunex Complete Car Care service and repairs with our 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty.