Air Conditioning & Heating

System Pressure, Leak Check, Mechanical Components, Electrical Switches, Relay Controls

Symptoms: Bad odors, cabin air isn’t cooled or heated, or low output of air

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system removes hot, humid, dirty air from inside the car and replaces it with cool, dry, clean air. You probably don’t care how it works—until it stops working. But why wait until that happens? At Tunex, we’ll check every component of your air conditioning and heating system—from major parts like the compressor to less obvious components like refrigerant and hoses. We’ll figure out where possible faults are and then get them fixed so you can keep your cool.

At Tunex, we use only the highest quality parts available. That's why we can back all Tunex Complete Car Care service and repairs with our 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty.